Restoring Your Serenity

Pure Envee in Coldwater, MI offers its clients a restful escape from the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle. We offer professional spa services, including body wraps and massage therapy, as well as skincare and cosmetic services in a tranquil environment.

Our Founder’s Story

A Beautiful Friendship

Valorie Johnson had been friends with Tracy Honyoust Norton since they were in grade school. 

Tracy became a cosmetologist and practiced for more than 30 years, while Valorie Johnson pursued a career in the non-profit sector for more than 3 decades. Although they had not lived in the same town for many years, they continued to be the best of friends.

No matter how much time had passed or how far apart they were, when they got together it was as if time stood still. Even when they had not spoken for a long time,  Valorie Johnson and Tracy knew they were never alone as long as they had each other.

It only took 1 text message to rekindle their friendship.

Best Friends and Business Partners

Since Valorie Johnson had a business background and Tracy had experience in the salon and spa industry, they decided to start a company. Excited, they flew to New York in March to meet with a business that manufactured skincare products.

Tracy had never ridden in a cab, taken the subway, or gone to a Broadway show.  She and Valorie Johnson spent the entire weekend checking several things off Tracy’s bucket list before heading home with a plan.

To prepare for their business, Valorie Johnson bought a two-story building in Coldwater, halfway between her and Tracy’s homes. She gave notice to her employer that she would be retiring in 6 weeks. Just 4 days later, Tracy found a lump.

Remembering Tracy

Tracy was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in June. Valorie Johnson wanted to keep Tracy’s memory alive by following their dream to the best of her ability. A skincare line was launched and named it TH#9 in honor of Tracy.

Pure Envee aims to be a leader in the beauty and wellness industry by consistently providing high-quality products and services. For inquiries, please email us or call 517-781-6600.