Giving You Gorgeous Nails

For well-groomed nails and soft hands and feet, try the nail services at Pure Envee in Coldwater, MI. We offer everything from a basic manicure to acrylic nail application with shellac.

Our mani-pedi services do more than just make your nails look clean. Many of our services, except for the basic pedi-prep, include a hand and/or foot soak and a massage for complete pampering.

Prevent Chipped Nails With Shellac

Have you ever wished your nails stayed perfect for more than a few days? Shellac makes it possible.

Shellac is a substance added to your nails after they’ve been painted with polish. It acts as a protective topcoat. Unlike traditional topcoats, however, Shellac needs to be cured with a quick blast of UV light.

Shellac dries within seconds of curing, locking in the color nearly instantly. The result: nails that don’t chip, break, or flake for up to 2 weeks. Shellac can be applied on top of the polish on your natural nails, or on top of acrylic nails.

Our Nail Services

  • Basic manicure
  • Shellac manicure
  • Full set of acrylic
  • Acrylic fill
  • Acrylic fix
  • Full set of acrylic with shellac
  • Acrylic fill with Shellac
  • Shellac manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Pedicure with Shellac
  • Basic pedi prep and Shellac on toes

Whether it’s for a special event or for every day, you can rely on us to make your nails worthy of the occasion.
Email us or give us a call at 517-781-6600 for more information.